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Joanne.T Zuo En 張祚恩

[SHIPS WORLDWIDE] -《zuò》comprises 8 original songs, including opening track《什麼樣》(“What Kind Of”), in which the Zuo En explores the question of “What is my true self really like?” and which expresses the songwriter’s sentiments during the making of this album.《我們的手指都生了一場大病》(“Our Fingers Have All Fallen Ill”) describes a commonly observed social phenomenon: the modern-day human with mobile phone always in hand.《做作情侶》(“Pretentious Couple”) is a light-hearted waltz that pokes fun at a pair of lovers who are carefree and do not mind the judgment of others. Autumn is commonly thought of as the most romantic season of the year, yet in the song《秋》(“Autumn”), Zuo En uses her dislike of the season as a metaphor for love lost. This album also includes as a bonus track《單戀》(“Crush”), the song featured in ’s《創新聲》(Sing Our Song) programme in 2019 and arranged by veteran producer Jim Lim.

這張專輯收錄了8首創作,《什麼樣》 (What Kind Of) 是這張專輯的開場曲,反覆唱著 “什麼樣的我才是真正的我” 是祚恩籌備這張專輯的心情。《我們的手指都生了一場大病》 (Our Fingers Have All Fallen Ill) 講述的是我們現代人手機無法離開掌心的社會現象。《做作情侶》(Pretentious Couple) 以輕鬆逗趣的3拍曲風描述一對不理會旁人眼光,非常甜蜜做作的情侶。秋天雖然總是被形容為浪漫的季節,但是在歌曲《秋》(Autumn) 裡,祚恩用討厭秋天的寒風與孤寂來對比逝去的愛情。專輯也特別收錄了之前在 《創新聲》節目裡,由著名製作人林倛玉所編曲與製作的單曲《單戀》(Crush)。

Release Date: 23/03/2020

01.《什麼樣 》What Kind Of | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
02.《做作情侶》Pretentious Couple | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
03.《我想你還是安靜的好》 I Think You’d Best Be Quiet | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
04.《秋》Autumn | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: GQ Fu, Sin Sek Jhia
05.《我們的⼿指都⽣了一場大病》 Our Fingers Have All Fallen Ill | 詞: 張祚恩, 黃雪婷 曲: 張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
06.《小舉動》Nuances | 詞:林艷心 曲:張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
07.《藏好》hidden | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: Sin Sek Jhia
08. Bonus track:《單戀》Crush | 詞曲:張祚恩 |編曲: 林倛玉

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